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Meet Dr. Atkin

Dr. Atkin is a cool dad, a caring husband, a passionate chiropractor, a grateful volunteer, an educated herbalist, and an avid college sports fan.  He specializes in the chiropractic care of the entire family, with an emphasis on Family Wellness, Children, and Pregnant women.  He utilizes specific, gentle chiropractic techniques that are tailored to the size and needs of each individual.

My Chiropractic Story

When I was 10 and my sister, Crystal, was 12, she fainted almost every day for two years until she became paralyzed.  She was in and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices where she saw all kinds of doctors who came up with all kinds of theories as to what was going on.  None of them panned out and eventually they gave up and sent her home in a wheelchair.  Somebody mentioned that we should see a chiropractor, so we decided to give it a shot.  After the first adjustment, she had feeling in her hands and feet and within three weeks, she was walking again!  She is now a busy mother raising a happy family.  I knew right then that I wanted to be a chiropractor and the desire and passion to be the best chiropractor in the world has only grown in the decades since.

My Family

Speaking of happy families, I met and married the girl of my dreams, Rachel, in college and we are the proud parents of our three wonderful children: Tyler, Katie, and Leah.  Life’s an adventure for our family to say the least, and I’m sure it’s no different in your household!  Living the chiropractic lifestyle in our home has helped us tremendously in all aspects of family life and we love to share that same knowledge and passion with other families.  Having a doctor that understands and has experienced all the craziness of family life is exactly who you need as you help your family attain greater heights.

The power of chiropractic is incredible and if that’s the next step on your journey as a family, welcome to the family!


  • Graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Life University College of Chiropractic
  • Earned Master’s Degree in Herbology from the School of Natural Healing
  • Received Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Brigham Young University
  • Has completed 96 hours of advanced training in the chiropractic care of infants, children, and pregnant women and is well on his way to completing the prestigious certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA)
  • Has completed rigorous training and/or is certified in the following techniques: Koren Specific Technique, Thompson Technique, Webster Technique, Activator Technique, Diversified Technique, and the Emotion Code.


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author-img-687 Malena P.

“From the moment I met Dr. Atkin, I was impressed by his knowledge and kindness. At my first appointment, I was warmly welcomed by Jennifer and Dr. Atkin conducted a thorough examination using the latest technology. The test results provided a tremendous amount of valuable information that Dr. Atkin carefully reviewed with me and utilized to map out a comprehensive care plan. It’s been approximately 3 weeks since my first appointment; I am already seeing considerable improvement. I’m grateful for Orange Theory Fitness and Family Focus Chiropractic for working together to enable me to meet my fitness goals and improve my health and well-being. Both Dr. Atkin and Jennifer are personable, friendly, knowledgeable, straight forward and genuine. I highly recommend Family Focus Chiropractic.”

author-img-686 Stephanie O.

“I never considered chiropractic care as a holistic approach to my overall health. Dr. Atkins re affirmed the belief that our bodies really are designed to heal themselves and with his very knowledgeable, gentle approach and care I have noticed health benefits that many would consider outside the realm of chiropractic care. Even my two year old looks forward to pediatric adjustments when he comes in with me. His office and staff are warm, friendly and inviting. He informs you of everything you need to know about his office and how to best make his care attainable and affordable for not just yourself, but your whole family. I’m definitely a believer that chiropractic adjustments have changed my health, so give Dr. Atkins a try and help your body get that gentle push it needs to heal and work best.”

author-img-685 Todd L.

“I have suffered with severe back pain on and off for the last 20 years with an occasional blowout that would put me out a commission for a few days. I was introduced to Dr. Atkins a short while ago and he has really helped transform my life. Not only has he reduced my back pain by more than 90% in less than two months. Dr. Atkins has given me a stretching and training routine to enable me to alleviate back pain altogether. He also has helped me change my eating habits through his eat well seminar (I lost 10 lbs this month). He has also enabled & inspired me to get on an exercise routine that includes me running 3-5 miles, four times a week! Dr. Atkins is a really special doctor that really knows all of his patients, he genuinely cares and truly heals people everyday.”

author-img-684 Brianne S.

“Wonderful staff and a great atmosphere :) I had never been to a chiropractor before and was nervous when starting. At the front desk I was warmly greeted by Jennifer, who showed me around and touched on the key points Dr. Atkin strives on. He does not only help older individuals and families but sees younger adults, like myself, as well. Dr. Atkin then thoroughly explained his philosophy, how it worked and how he was going to help my body heal. I am extremely impressed with the fast results (no more headaches) and it’s only been 2 weeks!!  Thanks Family Focus Chriopratic! Y’all ROCK!”

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